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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 23, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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another taste of spring sweeps through the region. big question is will this mild february weather last through the weekend. how sweet it is for the city of philadelphia. brand-new numbers out this morning show just how much money the city collected on the sugary drink tax in january. we take a look at these popular youtube videos that promise to teach anybody how to cook and why some may be better off left on the back burner. right now at 11:00, a very foggy start to our thursday. folks on their way out the door in philadelphia spring garden neighborhood grab their hats after a light rain fell overnight. in wilmington, commuters
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encountered low visibility. now to a live look at the skyline in center city, philadelphia, where conditions are slowly but surely clearing. once that happens, temperatures will really begin to climb. erika martin is watching those conditions out there. she has the most accurate forecast in the region. >> that's right. we have had fog for much of the morning. i want to start off with this live shot. notice they're not moving. that's because the winds are still pretty mild. they will start to kick up just a little bit. we're definitely going to see this fog stick around at least for the next couple hours. look at the bottom of your screen for your local neighborhood forecast. winds 6 miles per hour for coatesville. wilmington, 7 for you. millville, 6. allentown, 6 mile-per-hour wind speeds. satellite and radar image picking up on those clouds right now. mid upper level for you.
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if you look right here on the screen, you're seeing light returns in green. we're expecting some showers to move on through and possibly one or two isolated thunderstorms later today, but right now the story is all about those temperatures. they're pretty warm right now. we're expected to top out in the 70s in and around philadelphia, but we're talking about those current temperatures right now. it looks really mild. port richmond, 56 degrees. west mount area currently at 54 degrees. it's all about a major warmup. we're trending toward the warmest february on record ever in philadelphia. so coming up in just a bit, we'll talk more about that. we'll talk about that warmup, possibly record breaking temperatures on friday and saturday. the springlike temperatures this afternoon may get people to leave the office early and outside to enjoy the warm weather. they may hit the trail along kelly drive. >> reporter: rosemary, we're
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still waiting for the sun to come out this morning, but some of the people that we've been speaking to are actually using that to their advantage. it's been a foggy start to the day. despite the mild temperatures, people have been a little bit slow to come out so far. we stopped by cooper river park in new jersey. we spotted a few people walking around there. we came down here to kelly drive. we saw a few rowers getting some practice on the schuylkill. >> yeah, it's supposed to be in the 70s. i wanted to come out before i started to get crowded out here, but it's unusually warm for february. >> reporter: it's going to be warmer today. i don't know if you can see down the trail a little bit there, but there's actually a small dog with a little sweater that's on right now because it is a little bit cooler right now, even though the temperatures are mild. expecting this entire area to be packed by the end of the day.
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nbc10 news. in first alert traffic news all lanes on route 73 near route 90 are back open. two southbound lanes have been shut down during the morning rush because a tractor-trailer overturned. the truck spilled the contents of what it was carrying on the highway. fortunately, no one went to the hospital. let's check in with jessica boyington. >> definitely a different scene out there right now than we saw earlier this morning with the fog and reduced visibility. right now we're preparing for this nice day ahead. schuylkill expressway around montgomery drive, looking like a great drive. the total drive time into center city is 15 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine. there's a crash on limekiln pike around greenwood.
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some speed restrictions because of earlier fog over the bridges. 25 miles per hour over the walt whitman bridge. there were speed restrictions on the new jersey turnpike and the garden state parkway. they've since been lifted. we're also watching the delaware river bridge. that's closed for structural repairs connecting the new jersey turnpike and the pa turnpike. three men are in the hospital in stable condition following an overnight shooting in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. two were shot while they were sleeping in a house. police say they found a back window kicked out, plus a trail of blood and a gun in the backyard. a man was outside with a gunshot wound to his arm. a man was shot overnight and then dragged down the street in strawberry mansion. officers found the man in a vacant lot. right now they're not sure who the victim is or who shot him. police are hoping that some new video can help them catch a pair of robbers in philadelphia.
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take a close look at your screen and see if you can identify the two suspects spotted inside the 7-elev 7-eleven. shortly after the pair left the store, they went up to a 25-year-old man and robbed him. if you recognize these suspects, call philadelphia police. let's head now to burlington county where a woman will be sentenced today for a hit-and-run that killed a teenager in camden county. he died along route 130 last march. the woman took off after her car hit the teen. a niece who was also inside the car later called 911 to report what happened. this morning a man is in jail after paramedics an off-duty police officer stepped in to stop him from stabbing members of his family in his car. the man stabbed his wife and stepdaughter while the car was stopped at a traffic light.
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that's when emts jumped out of a nearby ambulance which happened to be close to the scene. >> i kicked the knife out. we got her out. then it was almost like he tried to get out after her, but we took him down. >> they actually did save the day. let's give some wishes for the young lady. >> the stepdaughter was critically hurt. the wife is in serious condition. the stepfather spent the night at the lehigh county jail. today delaware lawmakers are holding a hearing about working conditions inside the state's prisons. yesterday we learned more than two dozen medical workers have quit their jobs at the james vaughn correctional center in smyrna. our colleagues at wrde in delaware spoke to an officer at the prison who says workers there fear for their lives.
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>> the announcement comes just one day after the prison's warden was placed on paid leave. eight correctional officers have also handed in their resignations since that deadly standoff earlier this month. this morning the city of philadelphia has released new numbers that show exactly how much money the soda tax gener e generated in january and it's more than double the original estimates. the revenue department says the city took in $5.7 million in january. that is much more than the city manager's projection of 2.3 million. philadelphia mayor jim kenney tells us he hopes these numbers mean an end to poverty and a lack of education in the city. >> people are complying with the law and the world didn't come to an end. it's amazing. the world was coming to an end with the cigarette tax. the world was coming to an end
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with the drink tax. the world was coming to an end -- the world is always comes comes to an end. >> the new totals also seem to counter the assessments by some store managers and beverage distributors in the city who have told us their sales are down significantly. andrea cline-thomas is looking into the numbers today and how the money will apply to universal pre-k. she'll have that story coming up at 4:00. this morning there is a winning ticket in last night's huge powerball drawing and that ticket was sold in lafayette, indiana. ticket sales were brisk heading up to last night's $435 million jackpot. the cash payout was 263 million. here are the winning numbers. check your tickets anyway because somebody won $2 million in new jersey. 10, 13, 28, 52, 61 and powerball is 2. some people have been winning.
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we understand there was a $2 million winning ticket sold in new jersey. we're working to find out exactly where it was sold. protection lifted. the controversial trend lifting in the transgender community. the new comments this morning from philadelphia's mayor. it's the video that has sparked angry demonstrations in southern california. what police are saying about this alleged incident involving an off-duty officer. i'm tracking much warmer air sliding into place. get ready for temperatures to possibly break records by friday and saturday. i have your most accurate forecast coming up in just a bit. my favorite part about being a dad --
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just to see their faces in the morning when i wake them up. the first thing you think about is your wife and your kids and your family. so i had surgery locally, and it came back after my follow up that i needed a second surgery. and that's when i said i need a second opinion.
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everyone, from the moment i walked through the doors, they're smiling and i love the fact that included me in the whole process. the diagnosis of cancer is one of those things that you want an answer now. we can do now here. rod was great. i mean, he did everything that we asked him and more. the treatment plan was for him to have chemotherapy and radiation followed by surgery. i feel like this was the right way for me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now.
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president trump's first 100 days continues as he meets with business leaders and several of his top staff and cabinet members speak to a convention of conservatives in washington. president trump met with several ceos from manufacturing companies. vice president mike pence was also there. now to a live look at the conservative political action conference better known as cpac. ted cruz is set to take the stage here a little bit later on this hour. then later today education secretary betsy devos will speak to the group followed by white house chief of staff reince priebus and steve bannon. jay gray has more on how the administration's actions are
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sparking angry emotional responses at some congressional town hall meetings across the country. >> reporter: anger, frustration. and outrage continue to boil over at town hall meetings across the country. voters demanding answers and action on issues including the economy, health care, education, taxes, and immigration. president trump has dismissed the angry crowd posting on social media that they are in many cases, quote, planned out by liberal activists. the white house labeling many in the crowds professional protesters. >> it is a loud group, small group of people, disrupting something in many cases for media attention. >> reporter: looking to grab some of that attention. >> he's not a legacy candidate. he's not a bush or a clinton. he is sort of the first
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candidate of his type, that non-politician true outsider who is coming to shake up the system. >> reporter: kellyanne conway led off a list of key players in the trump administration speaking throughout the day at the conservative action conference or cpac that will include betsy devos and steve bannon and reince priebus and mike pence. and president trump will deliver the cpac keynote address friday morning. he'll be the first sitting president to speak to that group since ronald reagan. jay gray, nbc news, washington. the president's latest move considering transgender students reverses a directive by former president obama. the trump administration has lifted federal guidelines that said transgender students should be allowed to use public school bathrooms that match their
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chosen gender identity. the president obama administration issued that last may. it was not legally binding. president trump says it should be a local decision. there will be no change in philadelphia public schools. the superintendent tells us that transgender students can continue to use bathrooms based on their gender identity, the one that they choose. jim kenney tweeted his support saying, quote, transgender students deserve what every student deserves. a fair shot at succeeding. the cleanup is continuing this morning in flood ravaged san jose, california. officials have lifted some evacuation orders. water levels are receding. i'm erika martin with your most accurate forecast. weather headlines include fog
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clearing and then warming up, some chances for some p.m. thunderstorms. of course, i will time that out for you. otherwise the good news is that we do have that clearing soon up with that warm air sliding in. however, i do have some a.m. fog for friday and possibly some record high breaking temperatures. saturday still in the 70s. afternoon thunderstorms. so keep in mind it's not going to be a completely dry weekend. locally, we are seeing a break in those clouds. we do have some warm southerly air sliding in. southwesterly in fact. some greens on the screen. some rain that will start to work its way in because we do have enough moisture in the atmosphere. you can actually see that frontal boundary sweeping on down. that will be the trigger mechanism for those isolated thunderstorms later this evening into late tonight. warm air returning, so notice a shift in those winds. southwesterlies right now. a wider perspective. that's going to be the story for the next couple of days. it will trend warm then cooler
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by sunday. high temperatures for the next couple of days. 73 on friday. we may hit 74, 75. keeping it at 72 on saturday. for philadelphia and dover, also seeing 70s for the next couple of days and that's the story for allentown on friday. wildwood trending warm as well. a pair of 60s. current temperatures mainly in the 50s. although we are seeing a few 60s. dover at 66. philadelphia, 54 degrees. allentown, 51 for you. sunset tonight will be at 5:46 p.m. so neighborhoods right now, for the lehigh valley a lot of upper 40s and 50s. bethlehem currently at 52 degrees. pa suburbs seeing some 60s. west chester, 60 degrees for
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you. bed minister also seeing 52 degrees. you're out the door forecast really important because while it is dry right now, we are tracking the possibility for some thunderstorms, especially likely for the pa suburbs at around 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 p.m. temperatures in the 50s. lehigh valley same day. we'll remain dry. while temperatures will start to climb, they'll decline just a bit by 10:00 p.m. jersey shore seeing 51 degrees at 6:00 p.m. and keeping it in the low 50s at 10:00 p.m. here's why we'll start to track those isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. hour-by-hour forecast starting at 11:00 a.m. and pausing at 6:00 p.m. thunderstorms moving in from the northwest towards the southeast. we'll be tracking this for you very closely. at 9:00 p.m. the lehigh valley will see some thunderstorms.
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by 11:00 p.m., some thunderstorms for parts of bucks county, philadelphia county. of course, we'll keep you updated. be sure you follow us on social media for my updates. speaking of social media, is some aspect of it stressing you out? we'll take a look at the negative aspect that news feeds and tweets can have on your life and what you can do to quiet the noise.
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this morning we're taking a look at the pitfalls of social media. it can affect your family, your career, just about all aspects of your life. erin coleman sat down with a local tech expert and a local psychologist about how to manage it and what to avoid. >> reporter: twitter, facebook, snapchat, instagram. experts say they're seeing it more and more. social media can lead to big problems. >> is social media stressing people out? >> yes, definitely. absolutely. >> reporter: stephanie humphrey
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is a tech expert. she says part of the problem is people are always connected and no matter what you might think once something goes up it never really goes away. >> we see people getting fired because of tweets. we see people getting prosecuted because of facebook posts. >> reporter: posts that could be years old and can affect you both professionally and personally. >> they did something wrong on social media. now they're coming to me to hope hopefully fix the issue. >> reporter: he says the wrong posts, picture, or tweet can create huge rifts in families and lead to trust issues. >> it ruins relationships because now their partner is snooping all the time. >> reporter: how do you manage? first ask yourself -- >> is this something i'm going to want somebody to see ten years from now? >> reread what you're about to post. will this hurt you in some way? >> reporter: every now and then take a social media break. >> sometimes you can just put the phone down.
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it's not going to hurt you. you're not going to miss anything. another taste of spring throughout our area. more mild february weather is on tap, but we've still got some fog out there. this is a live look. erika martin will be back in just a moment to let us know how long this warm weather will last, if it will be here through the weekend. she has your first alert neighborhood forecast. plus, rescue in paradise. we'll show you how strangers kept a little boy from being swept out to sea.
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well, our thursday certainly got off to a foggy start. we were in pottstown this morning where people were off to work and school walking through the mist. it's still a bit foggy in some parts of our area, though
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conditions are gradually improving. nbc10 first alert meteorologist erika martin here to tell us more about today's forecast. >> we do see a clearing. that's good news there. a pick up in those wind speeds will certainly help because one of the ingredients we do need for the fog would be those calm winds. they're starting to pick up here in philadelphia. current temperature 54 degrees. we're seeing some light to gentle breezes around the jersey shore. wildwood at 14 miles per hour. atlantic city, 8 miles per hour for you. seeing an increase in these wind speeds will certainly help clear that fog. now temperature trend for the next couple of days we'll top out in the low 70s for today. low to mid 70s on friday. we could break the record high tomorrow of 74 degrees. now 72 on saturday. so we're trending a lot warmer, but then by sunday once we see a cold front sweep on through we'll dip into the upper 40s and
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then climb back up into the mid to upper 50s by tuesday, so it is all about that major warmup. unseasonably warm to say the least. coming up, we're also tracking some thunderstorms for later this afternoon into the evening hours and some more thunderstorms for this weekend. i'll see you in just a bit. back to you. use any excuse you can to get outside today and enjoy this taste of spring. right now a lot of people are doing just that. pamela osborne is live along kelly drive where we're starting to see that sunshine, pam. >> reporter: yeah, the clouds are definitely starting to break. the sun has come out since we saw you last half hour, but it certainly was a foggy start to the day as we've been telling you all morning along. despite the mild temperatures people have been a bit slower in coming out. we went do river park in new jersey. there were a few people enjoying a morning stroll there. then we stopped by kelly drive. we saw a few rowers out on the
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schuylkill. there were people biking, walking, and running. one runner said she wanted to get out early before things got crowded down here. >> what's it like to be able to shed the layers and get out here? >> i love it. i've been waiting all winter for now. >> reporter: and so a lot more people getting their way, rather exercising here outside along kelly drive. the temperatures certainly warming up. a lot of smiles on a lot of faces down here. rosemary, back to you. >> thanks, pam. in other news this morning video of an off-duty lapd officer firing his gun during a tussle with a teenager prompted residents in anaheim, california, to march in protests last night. we have details from los angeles. >> multiple versions of this controversial video have now surfaced online all showing the officer not just drawing his gun, but firing a single shot.
11:32 am
overnight cell phone video posted to social media captured the altercation in anaheim. an off-duty los angeles police officer scuffling with a 13-year-old boy near the cop's home quickly escalated and ended with the officer pulling his gun and firing his weapon. nbc news does not know what occurred prior to the start of the recording. in a statement, police say the officer had, quote, ongoing issues with teenagers walking across his property apparently to get to a school nearby. nbc news is not naming the teenager who says he was walking home from school when he heard the officer curse at a teenage girl who walked across his lawn. the teen says he was defending the girl when the officer grabbed him. >> i thought i was going to die like right there because i thought he was going to shoot me. >> reporter: the teen's mother says her son was arrested by police for threatening to shoot the officer.
11:33 am
hundreds of protesters carrying signs and chanting. the anaheim police department says they plan to give more details on this case later today and pledge to have after impartial investigation. staying in california, a highway patrol officer died yesterday during a chase in sacramento. authorities say the eight-year veteran fell from his motorcycle while pursuing another motorcycle rider. the suspect got away. good samaritans rescuing two young boys in hawaii. the 5-year-old and 8-year-old were playing in the surf when a wave began pulling the older boy away from the beach. they helped the boy get out of the water and carried him to safety. in news overseas, iraqi forces have regained control of the airport in the city of mosul. another victory in a month's long operation to push isis militants from that part of the
11:34 am
country. lucy cavanaugh reports. >> reporter: iraqi forces have taken control of the airport in mosul after hours of heavy fighting this morning. heavy clashes between isis militants and iraqi troops. this is a significant step in the battle for the western part of the city. mosul is effectively split into two by the tigris river. the west is still under isis control. that is now the main focus of this operation. the airport itself isn't functioning. it's been destroyed long ago, but it is significant for its strategic value. iraqi soldiers hope to use the airport and a nearby military base as a staging ground for an operation to retake mosul's western half. it is expected to be a harder fight because of the geographge. you have narrow twisting streets. very difficult to get armored vehicles through there. air support also difficult
11:35 am
because of the high civilian population. we don't know exactly how many civilians are still left in the city, but the u.s.-led coalition is concerned about the civilian casualties as this effort gets yur underway. back here in the u.s., a few dozen demonstrators are still occupying a sprawling camp on federal land in north dakota to protest the construction of a pipeline there. a large police presence showed up for those who defied the government deadline to get off the federal land. many protesters did leave peacefully, but those who did defy the deadline were arrested. some set their tents and teepees on fire as the deadline loomed, calling it a ceremonial act. a special delivery in space for the crew of the international space station. earlier this morning a spacex dragon cargo ship docked at the station. it is loaded with 5500 pounds of supplies, including 40 mice that
11:36 am
are all part of a wound healing experiment. the station's six-person crew will get another shipment tomorrow from the russians. now to new details on a story we've been following here on nbc10. this 2-year-old injured dog named teresa is recovering from successful surgery to pull some of her teeth and repair her tongue. she was rescued from thailand and is missing part of her face, her nose. she escaped from a man who attacked her with a knife and tried to eat her. according to doctors, her prognosis is good. she is getting a new life in south jersey. no matter what type of music it is, artists tend to write and sing about what they truly love. an east falls rapper decided to put his love for wawa hoegies to the beat. he posted this video online earlier this week. since then it has gotten nearly 20,000 views on youtube.
11:37 am
he has been rapping since he was a young teen. he said the idea to make the song came to him while he was walking through his local wawa store. >> i was really hungry one day and i had a long day of work. i went to wawa. i was like everyone loves wawa. i decided i might as well pay homage to it, make a little ode to hoagies. he is a vegan and no longer eats wawa hoagies with meat. a -- it will be located at the plymouth meeting mall. it opens april 6th. citizens bank and philadelphia media network are teaming up with nbc10 and
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telemundo 62 to find the next champion in action. this time the focus is on nonprofit organizations that help prevent violence in our communities. the winning group will receive $35,000. the deadline to apply is tomorrow at 5:00 in the afternoon. go to our website,, or the nbc10 app for more information. turning to youtube for help in the kitchen may not always be the best idea. we continue our week long look at online advice. we hit the streets to find out if cooking videos are paying off. that's ahead. rosemary, i'm tracking a major pattern change with a warmup in the works. we definitely could break some records by the end of this week into the weekend. coming up, i have your most accurate forecast. and the "today" show's al rocker wants to broadcast the weather live at local colleges and universities.
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it is called storming into the madness. the "today" show is looking for college students to show their school spirit. you can find the link on the nbc10 app and on
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okay. so conditions right now are nice and warm. notice we are seeing a southwesterly flow. current temperature in dover 66 degrees. vineland, 64. philadelphia, 57. coatesville currently at 61 degrees. we are climbing.
11:42 am
possibly breaking some record high temperatures by friday. i'll see you in just a bit. more children are coming down with infections that can't be cured with regular antibiotics. research shows a 700% increase in the number of children with infections over the past eight years. researchers say these findings are concerning because very few strong antibiotics are approved for using with children. children end up staying in the hospital 20% longer than those with more treatable infections. a new study reveals a link between sleep and dementia. people who slept more than nine hours a night were twice as likely to develop dementia than those who slept less. sleep may be a symptom and not a cause of cognitive decline. you should eat your vegetables and fruit too. eating ten portions of veggies
11:43 am
and fruit a day could prevent a million premature deaths a year. the best protection came from apples, pears, and citrus fruits as well as spinach, kale, and broccoli. little frog plastic toys could cause injury. they operate with four button batteries and jump. when the batteries are removed, the battery's cap can become a projecti projectile. this morning we continue our week long look at youtube overload. the internet site is packed with tutorials on just about everything. that includes the ins and outs of cooking. there are plenty of ideas, so we wondered how the good old-fashioned cookbook become so
11:44 am
obsolete. pamela osborne takes a look. >> reporter: from breakfast staples -- >> cheesy burgers. >> reporter: to lunch and dinner choices and every dessert you can imagine and even can't imagine. the online menu choices are endless. >> i'm not an expert, so i need all the help i can get. >> it is good because it teaches you some basic techniques. you know how to chop. you know how to saute things. you can then kind of start to play around when you make up your own recipes. >> reporter: tim woodward also uses video to cook for him. >> 100% it completely transformed my life. i go right to the video and look at it and see exactly what i want to do. >> reporter: but not everyone is ready to trade in the cookbook for the ipad. erin wasn't sold on what we showed her. >> instead of watching this, i
11:45 am
would be looking at it and it would be wasting the time i would be preparing it. >> reporter: jerome specializes in time management. he says there are plenty of positives with online cooking, but some limitations too. sq >> you need to realize it is not giving you the total experience. realize you're still missing out on some time. >> reporter: and you can miss out on the trial and error that most cooks use as learning opportunities. on the plus side, the professor says youtube videos are great motivating tools, especially for people that are still learning their way around the kitchen. they can really ignite your passion. on a side note, almost everyone we talked to for this story said after trying a few recipes they would actually consider posting their own videos to help others. i'm pamela osborne. nbc10 news. fans of the great white way are in for a real treat this weekend. the philly pops present blockbuster broadway.
11:46 am
joining us now is david charles bell who is the conductor of this week's shows and he's here with a broadway star. thank you both for being here. david, no stranger to philadelphia. spent some time here as a child and you're back usually every season for the christmas spectacular. >> i've done three christmas spectaculars and i'm doing blockbuster broadway this weekend, which is broadway since 1980. it's broadway shows we all grew up on like you've never heard them before because we have a 65-piece orchestra and a 75-voice chorus. bona fide broadway leading men and women. >> you have performed in "les mis." how does it feel to be back in philly? >> it really is like coming
11:47 am
home. when i get to perform in philadelphia, i have a huge entourage that comes to the theater. so we've got a whole slew of people coming to the show, i believe, sunday and saturday, but i think the only show we have tickets for is friday night at this point. we are selling out like you wouldn't believe. if you want to see it, come friday. >> david, as the conductor, what is the crowd like? >> oh, i love the philadelphia crowd. they really know what they're hearing, and they're very responsive. so when they like something -- the city of brotherly love. it makes sense, doesn't it? >> tell us what it means to be performing with the philly pops in your hometown. >> it is kind of amazing. first of all, david and i worked together in london's west end a few years ago, so we've been friends quite awhile. you don't always get to pick the
11:48 am
songs you get to sing when you sing with an orchestra. david was really kind and let us make suggestions. selfishly, i'm getting to sing pretty much all of my favorite songs at this particular concert. >> name a few for us. >> "music of the night," "bring me home." one of my favorites is from "ms. saigon" called "why, god, why." >> this is an opportunity for people to get a taste of broadway really. it's an opportunity to hear all different kinds of songs in one place under one roof. >> exactly. broadway shows are always coming through philadelphia. we're doing a song from "the body guard." "ms. saigon" is about to be revived on broadway. >> thank you so much for being with us.
11:49 am
we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we are looking forward to seeing the show. if you are interested, the philly pops blockbuster broadway starts tomorrow. it runs through sunday at the kimmel center in philadelphia. if you'd like some more information, go to our website,, or go to the nbc10 app. i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin with your most accurate forecast. a live look outside. we're seeing a break in that fog. it is lifting. good news there. certainly going to be improving as far as visibility is concerned and here's why. we are certainly seeing an improvement in that fog right now and that's because we're seeing an increase in these winds. they're gentle to light wind speeds ranging between 14 miles per hour for wildwood, 12 miles per hour for dover air force base, 7 for wilmington, 8 mile-per-hour wind speeds here in philadelphia. weather headlines. apart from fog clearing, we are
11:50 am
tracking a warmup and possibly some isolated thunderstorms. i will time that out for you hour by hour. on friday, some early a.m. fog and we could definitely break some record high temperatures here in philadelphia. we may top out in the mid 70s. on saturday we're still trending in the 70s. right now seeing lots of 60s and upper 50s. 66 for atlantic city. philadelphia currently at 57 degrees. the average high temperature for today is 46 and the record high is 75 degrees set back in 1874. we're not going to make that, but we'll certainly see some 70s. satellite and radar image. seeing a break in that fog right now, but notice we are seeing some light return. we will start to see some showers moving in from the northwest to the southeast. a wider perspective here. this is why we're seeing a weak frontal boundary sweeping on down from the northwest towards
11:51 am
the southeast. so the trigger mechanism likely for some isolated thunderstorms, especially when it does encounter that warmer air sliding up from the southwest. here's a wider perspective. you can see those strong southwesterly winds that will start to kick into gear and effect us here in our area. hour-by-hour forecast starting at 11:30 a.m. showers start to move in for parts of lehigh valley. we're seeing some isolated thunderstorms moving through. by 10:00 p.m., some rounds of thunder moving through parts of lehigh valley, bucks county as well. possibly philadelphia county could see one or two isolated thunderstorms at 11:00 p.m. still seeing the possibility there, then everything starts to clear out. overnight lows, notice how warm it is supposed to be. allentown, 50 degrees. 53 degrees for philadelphia. atlantic city overnight low 50. we are trending very warm for
11:52 am
tonight and that is going to be the story for tomorrow and for saturday. so the ten-day on 10 brings us a lot to go over because again we're seeing that nice warm trend. while i do have it here at 73 degrees on friday, we very well could hit 74, 75 on friday. some areas of a.m. fog mixing out. on saturday we have the threat of some isolated thunderstorms. notice temperatures will be in the 70s. tracking a breezy sunday and possibly some showers next tuesday into wednesday. we'll see you after the break.
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there are multiple reports that the sixers noel was traded to the dallas mavericks. the nba trade deadline is this afternoon at 3:00. yesterday the sixers traded ursin and two second round draft picks. also today it is game day for the phillies. they play their first spring training game in florida against the university of tampa. the season home opener back here in philly is april 7th. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, jimmy kimmel stops by the "ellen" show to
11:56 am
talk about hosting this weekend's academy awards. then all new at 4:00, a local high school cancels the rest of its basketball season. find out what happened during one of the games that led to that decision and why parents are not happy about it. that's today on nbc10 news at 4:00. before we leave you now, we have one last check of the weather and it's looking good out there. >> it really is. we do have that nice mixing out of the fog. we have that warmer air moving in. record warmth for february. we are on track to being the warmest february this year ever in history. pretty impressive. the average right now just over 44 degrees. it looks like we are definitely not going to cool this down at all because the ten-day on 10 brings us a major change with temperatures climbing into the mid 70s by tomorrow and saturday. >> we'll take it. that's going to do it for us for now. thanks for watching "nbc10 news at 11:00."
11:57 am
have a good one. we'll see you back here at 4:00. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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>> claire: oh, my god, ciara, you have to see the selfie that everly just posted. no, like, i swear, she thinks she's a reality star, just recording every detail of her completely boring life. >> ciara: claire, why aren't you dressed yet? did you forget that we have a funeral to go to today? >> claire: okay, sorry, but, i mean, why do i have to go? david's your first cousin and my second. we never even met. >> ciara: we're not going for him. we're going for julie, who's got to be in a lot of hell after losing her son! not that you'd notice, because you only think about yourself. >> claire: sorry, excuse me? >> ciara: i swear, claire, you're, like, the most selfish person i know. >> julie: well, hope, of course i'd love for you to be here, but, darling, if you're feeling ill, you should rest. yeah, i'll have your father stop by and look in on you later today.


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